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Specific uses of 'Problem Solving'
Logical Reasoning
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Solving a (complex) problem
  • Dissecting that complex problem into parts
  • Recognizing 'links'
Quantitative Reasoning
  • Compare two values/variables
  • Accurate estimations
  • Calculations in mind
  • Better 'feeling' with numbers
  • Estimating more accurately

Games with category Problem Solving
School Paper Games: Equasions
School Paper Games: Equasions

The first School Paper Game. Figure out which of the sides is bigger as fast as possible and don't mix up pressing the right key!

Calculating quickly, combination of theoretical and practical, separating certain things in mind, accurately comparing

Table Tennis Balance
Table Tennis Balance

It's not easy being a balance. It's also not easy 'reading' 3 balances. You guessed it, you have to logically deduct which object of the 3 is the heaviest by looking at 3 balances....

Accurately estimating, quick decision making, comparing values/variables

Lord of Losing
Lord of Losing

King Pepololidez, nicknamed The Lord of Losing, has lost another royal heritage! Using deductive thinking and logical reasoning, you have to find out what the object looked like!...

Problem solving, logical reasoning, eliminating bad choices, quickly make a transition between subjects in your mind

School Paper Games: Sequenzen
School Paper Games: Sequenzen

Like mathematical sequences? Well, even if you don't, this game's for you! Complete each sequence with its fifth number, and you'll soon enough be able to recognize any number...

Recognize patterns faster, improved arithmetic skills, logical reasoning

Drop That Answer
Drop That Answer

There are numbers falling from the sky, each with an operator between them, and you have to solve them before they run into the ground!

Better feeling for numbers/math, thinking and then reacting quickly, being able to concentrate on one specific thing (whatever it does), swiftly transition between different operators

Riddle Me
Riddle Me

Can you solve riddles? Can you solve riddles with (sometimes complex) numbers? Anyhow, you learn it here.

Problem solving, calculating figures in your head, logical reasoning, understanding what you read, thinking quickly but efficiently

Simple Sums
Simple Sums

The first HTML5/iOS game! Playable on any device, you have to solve simple arithmetic problems!

Logical reasoning, arithmetic, problem solving, working with numbers